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What is WantMyBet?

WantMyBet is a social network for sports betting that allows users to search and discover the latest bets from tipsters around the world. From armchair tipsters to professional gamblers, the site allows anyone to share their top tips with the WantMyBet community.

Why would I use WantMyBet?

Users no longer have to search Twitter and blogs for betting tips, or sign in and out of different bookies. WantMyBet makes betting easier and more convenient by giving users everything in one place.

Is WantMyBet a bookie?

No we’re not a bookie. We work with William Hill, Ladbrokes, Betway and Boylesports who set the odds and take the bets. They are the bookmakers. What we do is provide a platform for people to discover and share those bets.

Why wouldn’t I just use a bookie instead?

Bookmakers simply provide the odds / markets.WantMyBet provides the same odds / markets and backs them up with social and statistical information to give more insight before you place your bets. Plus, with profiles, leaderboards and monthly prizes, we make betting more fun!

Which bookies are you currently partnered with?

William Hill, Ladbrokes, Betway and Boylesports.

How do I become a user on WantMyBet?

To register, users simply go to www.wantmybet.com and create a profile. Users are prompted to add all of their current betting platforms to their account. Users can then follow top-tipsters from around the world and view their profiles, statistics and betting success rate.

What is a ‘Tipster’?

A tipster is simply someone who shares a bet on our platform. WantMyBet focuses on football fans with any level of football knowledge. Although anyone can be a tipster, you need to have good statistics and a good success rate to become the best.

What’s the benefit for tipsters?

Any tip that a tipster shares includes a unique referral code. If anyone signs up to a bookmaker with that code the tipster receives commission. Also every month WantMyBet rewards the best tipsters with cash prizes as well as match tickets and merchandise.

What’s the benefit for people just looking for a tip?

They can find the people doing well, follow their bets and view stats to back up each prediction. Basically WantMyBet gives them the insight that they need to give them a better chance of winning.

What can people put tips on?

Users can post tips and place bets on all of the top leagues and competitions which are with odds and markets from our partnered bookmakers; William Hill, Ladbrokes, Betway and Boylesports. We will be looking to expand into other sports and markets over the next year.

Is there a fee?

No. WantMyBet does not charge for the use of the site or the registration of an account.

How is payment processed – what payment do you accept?

Payments are processed by the bookmakers.

Can you withdraw winnings from your accounts via WMB?

No. Not yet. For now, we give you all of the ammo that we can to help you win the bets. You can then visit the bookmakers to pick up your winnings.

How are you ensuring the safety of users’ bank account details?

We don’t store any bank details. That’s all handled by the bookmakers. To cash inon their referral fees, you just have to contact us via email.

Can I bet on other sports?

Not quite yet. For now it’s all about football but we’re working on it. We will be adding new sports very soon.

Why are there no bets in my feed?

If your feed is looking a bit starkers then it’s best to follow a few more people. Click on the tipsters tab and see who you can find.

How do I find bets in other countries / leagues?

Click on the Find a bet tab and use the filters to view other leagues / competitions / countries.

I can’t seem to win

We’ve all been there. You’re having a bad patch. Have a browse through the Tipsters tab and see who’s doing the best. Have a butchers at their tips and hopefully they can help get you back on track.

There’s no tips on the game that I want to bet on

Be a trailblazer and create the first tip then. Lead where others may follow. Be the shepherd not the sheep. Click ‘Create a tip’ and go and do the business. We believe in you.

What does Cautious, Risky, YOLO mean?

We categorise all bets into 3 risk profiles based on the odds. We do the same for users based on the average odds of their bets.

Cautious is low risk. Anything up to and including 5/1. This is for the type of people who get travel insurance for a day trip to the Isle of Wight.

Risky is used for bets and tipsters who are a little more punchy. People who push the boat out with bets between 6/1 and 25/1. The type of guys who used to play knock down ginger when they were kids. They like the risk and the buzz that comes with it.

YOLO on the other hand is a different kettle of fish. 25/1+. The go-getters. The guys who back risk it all in the hope of reaping bigger rewards

How does the Bonus Cash section work?

When somebody signs up and deposits with one of our bookmaker partners via your unique referral link we will pay you £5. If they sign up and deposit with all 4 of our partners that’s £20 in your sky rocket (pocket).

Is there a limit to how much referral bonus money I can earn?

There is no limit this so you can sign up as many friends as you like. If you’ve got enough friends you could make this a full time job. Get sharing.

How do I find my referral link?

You can either find this link by clicking on the ‘Free Money’ button on the feed page or by clicking ‘share’ on a bet. Your referral link is attached to every tip that you share so if you want your pockets to get proper cakey then start sharing those tips. You can share on Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Email or Whatsapp.

How do I change fractions to decimals?

Go into your settings and scroll down to account preferences. You should be able to change the ‘Odds format’ in there.

How do I change the currency?

Go into your settings, ‘Currency’ is lurking down in the account preferences section.

Can I place In-Play bets?

No sorry, we haven’t got in-play betting on our site yet but we will do soon. For now it’s all pre-match.

For some reason I can’t place a bet.

Double check the bookmaker that you are trying to bet with and make sure that you have connected your accounts.

Make sure your username and password are correct. That’s always a school boy error that one.

Check that the particular game hasn’t finished already. (This is more common than you’d think!).

If you can see a message which says there’s not enough money in your ‘tin tank’ then you will need to deposit some money into your sportsbook account for that particular bookmaker.

If it still doesn't work then get us on the blower - support@wantmybet.com

Can we all go out for beers?

Yes. We’re always up for beers. Let us know when and where.

Can WantMyBet send you free beer?

Yes. We don’t see why not. Although, we don’t give out beers willy-nilly. Tweet us your best joke and you may be in luck. Twitter: @WantMyBet

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