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The bookies have had the upper hand for too many years.

They’ve perfected the art of pulling our pants down.

We’ve had enough.

We’re here to put the odds back in your favour,

To increase your chance of winning.

We help you find the best bets from the best people,

With all of the stats you need to back up each prediction.

We’ve stripped back the markets,

And removed a load of betting mumbo jumbo.

Who knows what an Asian Handicap is anyway?

Our aim is to make betting better.

So pull those pants up.

Come and join the Winners.

We are WantMyBet

To us, the word “Gillette” means Soccer Saturday.

‘Razor’ means ‘Ruddock’.

We all know the Panini sandwich was named after the sticker book.

The Number 1 shiney was the holy grail of our childhoods.

The school shoes of choice were Kickers, giving a playground free kick accuracy of 99 if you caught it just on the scoop.

Dropkicking the goalie on FIFA 98 was worth a red card all day.

‘That' goal against Greece still gives us goosebumps.

We’re on the edge of our seats every weekend.

We’ve been up, we’ve been down,

Held head in hands and watched through closed fingers.

We’ve celebrated, we’ve been devastated.

We wouldn’t have it any other way.

the competition


This week's challenge Cash prize: £25 Biggest Winning Tip Expires 10/05/18
Last week's winner Cash prize: £25
Biggest Winning Tip


Celebrations have erupted nationwide.

Fans have been seen up and down the country, dancing and rejoicing in the streets.

The WantMyBet app has arrived.

Now available to download on iOS and Android.

Betting just got better.

Selection added to tipslip.